Security Policy

National Wholesale Tools Security Policies

  • Internet security is a non-issue: In spite of $10 billion in online sales in 1999, VISA, Netscape, Microsoft and the major Internet sites (such as, REI, The Wall Street Journal, FTD Flowers, etc.) have been unable to document even one example of credit card fraud occurring as a result of someone stealing credit card information from a system that uses the standard Internet security technology described below.  NOT ONE!
  • Using your credit card is safer than a check: If there is a problem with any purchase, your credit card company will remove that purchase from your statement. By law, they cannot hold you responsible for more than $50.00 of unauthorized use of your card.
  • OUR SECURITY GUARANTEE: If you suspect that unauthorized use of your credit card has occurred as a result of your credit card purchase with us, notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. If your credit card company determines that you are the victim of fraud but does not waive the $50.00 liability for unauthorized charges, we will reimburse you $50.00 for reporting it.  (Please read the guarantee terms and conditions regarding the guarantee.)
  • We use industry-standard secure transaction technology: Whenever you are on one of our catalog pages where your credit card information is requested or displayed, you'll notice that the Internet address of the page begins with "https." The "s" in the address means that our secure server has asked your computer's Web browser software to encrypt all information with super-secure, 128-bit encryption technology before transmitting it. This encryption is performed using an industry-standard security protocol known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is a feature included in most modern Internet browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, Compuserve 3.0 or higher and AOL 2.0 or higher. Information encrypted with SSL is nearly impossible for unauthorized parties to decode. All major Internet stores use this technology, and it has been approved by VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
  • We take extra steps: At National Wholesale Tools, your credit card information is not stored on our office computers: it is stored on our secure Internet servers. Only two people in our organization have access to this information. Because of this technology, placing an order on our secure system is much safer than sending unencrypted data to a fax machine, where the information could be intercepted as it travels over the telephone line or, more likely, someone in the receiving office could read the fax. It's also safer than placing a telephone order because you do not have to give your secure information to a telephone clerk who will enter it into an insecure office computer system. The next time you place an order with a "traditional" mail order company, ask them who in their company will be able to access your might be surprised at the answer.